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About Meadow Creek Farm of Maine

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Meadow Creek Farm of Maine is located in Sumner, Maine. In 1997, Butch and Beck Durgin started their family business with their first carriage ride, which also happened to be their daughters wedding. From there the business has grown into the absolutely amazing production you can see before you. They bring their carriages, wagons and sleigh throughout New England, from mom and pop shops, to small back yard weddings, to lavish ceremonies, to providing wagon rides for international corporations such as L.L Bean's Flagship Store. No job is to big or to small. For Butch and Becky, it's all about introducing the people to the horses, and sharing their love for these beautiful animals with the rest of the world.

Butch grew up loving horses, but never had the opportunity to own any, so he made friends with people who had horses. He learned all he could from these friends. He had a knack for training horses, and always remained very interested. When Butch and Beck started their farm, two special horses came to them at one year old. Bill and Ben, the 2,000 lbs Belgian Draft Horses, needed to be trained, and Butch, with what he learned from friends, and his natural horsemanship, single handedly trained these two, and turned them into the gentle giants that thousands meet week after week.

Ever since Becky was a little girl, she has always had a passion for animals especially horses. At the age of 10, she had her first pony, and that when she first learned to drive. Every day after school she would come home, harness up her pony, and head down the country road for miles. This passion lives on, and has grown, as there are now 11 horses living on Meadow Creek Farm of Maine, and we couldn't be happier to have each and every one of them, including our rescued haflinger

The actual farm is in the foothills of Sumner, Maine, off of an old country road with many miles of trails. It sits on 3 acres of property for the horses to run, with both a barn and lean to for shelter for them. Bob and Dick were the team that started Meadow Creek Farm of Maine; however Dick passed away in September 2012, at the age of 30. He had been retired for 6 years. Bob is retired, and living happily on the farm. Then we have 4 haflingers. Nute and Mick, our wedding team that you can read about by clicking their picture below, and Nate and Nick. We are currently breaking Nate and Nick for anything we want them to do, whether it be competitions at local fairs, or pulling a wedding carriage. We also have 3 saddle horses we like to ride when there is time. Some days, we saddle up and go for a trail ride, and other days we will saddle up and go camping for the weekend. Most of all, we love to spend time with our horses.

Our farm is open to the public, so give us a call or fill out our contact page, and come on down. Meet the friendly people and animals of Meadow Creek Farm of Maine, and spend a day in the country, where life is slower, the way it should be.

We look forward to meeting you soon

Butch & Becky Durgin
Meadow Creek Farm of Maine

Meet the Team

  • Meet Nute and Mick
  • Meet Bill and Ben
  • The Wedding Carriage
Nute and Mick Bill and Ben The Wedding Carriage

  • The Wagon
  • The Little Wagon
  • The Sleigh
The Wagon The Little Wagon The Sleigh

Meadow Creek Farm of Maine | 58 River Road | Sumner, Maine 04292 | Main: (207) 388 - 2044 | Mobile: (207) 890 - 4894
E-mail: Becky Durgin

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